the experience of the wedding ceremony



I have studied in one city for 7 years and have worked in another city for 3 years in China. However, I always felt that I was a stray bird flying between universities. From now on, I start to show my affinity for this land and feel a connection between me and it.

I believe that D’s wedding contribute a lot to my change. The guests who attended the wedding ceremony were so nice and open-minded. They blessed the new couple sencerely and warmly. It is here and now that I understand the statement: “The democracy is not concerning that the minority have to follow the majority rule, but concerning that the majority respect and protect the life style, culture, beliefs and right of the minority.”

When I applied for the PR, I treated it as an extra credit card which I may use or may not. Now I treat it as the materials to build up my future.

PS: I have answered a lot of ZC’s questions about the visa issue for half an hour tonight. During the conversation, I behaved well and did not feel any emotion fluctuation. I am released finally and throughly. hoho

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