about D

D is from the other continent. We are dealing with the same project and have lunch together mostly. I never thought that D was special until he came to tell me about that. However, if I looked back carefully I could trace some unique characters on him such as he was very considerable and sensitive. I applaud him for his courage and happy life which he deserve.
I shared some secrets with him today and the conversation released me a lot from my pressure and helped me a lot for dealing with the puzzle. He kindly encourage me in holding hope for the happy life in future. However, he didn’t has an optimistic view of my current relationship.
I shared this story to ZC tonight. He didn’t respond but tried to change the subject. However, he did show his opinion by an obvious way that he didn’t wanna discuss nor has a clear mind about the future. I am trying to grow up but he would rather stay where he is. I guess maybe D and other friends’ opinion are right, but …

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