the experience of the wedding ceremony



I have studied in one city for 7 years and have worked in another city for 3 years in China. However, I always felt that I was a stray bird flying between universities. From now on, I start to show my affinity for this land and feel a connection between me and it.

I believe that D’s wedding contribute a lot to my change. The guests who attended the wedding ceremony were so nice and open-minded. They blessed the new couple sencerely and warmly. It is here and now that I understand the statement: “The democracy is not concerning that the minority have to follow the majo ……

something sunny

D and his partner came to office today and asked me to talk in the hallway. Before I asked why he act so mystically, D told me that they would get merried in two weeks and invited me to their wedding ceremony.

This will be the third wedding ceremony which I attened here. The first two were warm and decent, and I believe this one will be the same as others. Best wishes.

break-up II

There are five stages in the Kübler-Ross model: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and accept.

The whole process of dealing with break-up for me started from last October. I denied the situation that he was not that into me; I felt angry when he reneged; I bargained with him for having a trip here to see if the relationship could work out or not. However, He did not wanna do anything for the relationship. I felt depressed but finally accepted the situation and started to move on.

I offered him my help if he need it in future and will try to treat him as a friend. At least, it is very meaningful experience for me.

about D

D is from the other continent. We are dealing with the same project and have lunch together mostly. I never thought that D was special until he came to tell me about that. However, if I looked back carefully I could trace some unique characters on him such as he was very considerable and sensitive. I applaud him for his courage and happy life which he deserve.
I shared some secrets with him today and the conversation released me a lot from my pressure and helped me a lot for dealing with the puzzle. He kindly encourage me in holding hope for the happy life in future. However, he didn’t has an optimistic view of my current relationship.
I shared this story to ZC tonight. He didn’t respond but tried to change the subject. However, he did show his opinion by an obvious way that he didn’t wanna discuss nor has a clear mind about the future. I am trying to grow up but he would rather stay where he is. I guess maybe D and other friends’ opinion are right, but …










自己像是住在琥珀里面的蚂蚁,周遭是从来没 ……

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