periodic depression

I guess the periodic depression is directly triggered by the lack of sleep.

However, the periodic depression is caused by some deep reasons, such as the inefficient communication with ZC, the frustrating failure in the experiments and the uncertainty about the future.

I have to step back each time when I felt that I was too involved in the relationship with ZC. Only by this way could I wait him for a while so that hopely he can catch me up later. These kinds of halt were painful which make me understand the pain suffered by those who loved me despairfully before.

The pains may be the lesson given by the world, which will help me to understand myself better. I still can handle it at this stage. This is the advantage of age from one side of view. Sometimes I am wondering if I can handle these kinds of difficulties at my younger age. I feliciate myself on the situation that I encounter this affair at this moment instead of early time. Because I have better abilities to deal with the difficulties successfully and reach the happy ending finally.

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